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Roster Guidelines

Participation in ISSA senior tournaments is open to amateur players only and those who are currently eligible to play in the ISSA Tournament Program.  It is the team manager's responsibility to determine that all players are currently eligible to participate per the ISSA Rules and Guidelines.  A player may only play with one team per Age Division. A player on two rosters in different age classifications must be at the same skill level unless approved otherwise by the ISSA Office Staff in writing.  Players that are on two rosters in two different age classifications cannot play in the older division at a skill level rating lower than that of the younger team.  The ISSA has established residency requirements for team rosters in all divisions. The residency requirements are spelled out for each division in the ISSA Rules and Guidelines. When the Rule states "all rostered players must reside in the teams home state or adjacent state," the home state is determined by the one where in the most players on the roster have legal residency. 

Teams must play with the same roster that was used to determine their classification by the ISSA Rating Committee. EXCEPTION: A team may use up to three pick-up players by advising the ISSA office prior to the tournament. The pick-up players must come from a team(s) in the same rated division. The use of any other pickup players must be approved in writing by the ISSA staff prior to the tournament and may result in a higher team classification. A complete and accurate player softball history must accompany any request to use pickup players. All players must be on the online roster for the tournament prior to the start of the tournament, under no circumstances will teams be allowed to pick up players at the tournament.  

Non-rated teams must submit their roster in advance for approval and team classification. Teams with no playing history will not be placed in the AA Division under most circumstances. 


ISSA Senior Softball Team Rating Guidelines

 The purpose of the ISSA Senior Softball Rating System is to provide the senior players an opportunity to participate in a competitive environment by rating the teams in three skill level divisions within each age classification.  By separating teams by age and three skill levels it is the goal of the ISSA to provide as many teams as possible a favorable tournament experience.  One that will maximize the number of competitive games for all senior players, from the weaker skill levels to the elite players in each age classification.  

The ISSA organizes competitive divisions beginning with the Masters Division (40) and Seniors in 5-year increments starting at age fifty (50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, and 80) and into four skill levels (AA, AAA, Major and Major Gold). NOTE: A team that dominates at the Major Gold level will be classified as a Major Plus team and will be required to compete in a division at a younger level, if available, at the descresion of the ISSA staff. Players are eligible to participate in an age classification if they turn the minimum age any time during the current calendar year (see exceptions for 70+, 75+ and 80+).

In the Senior Divisions team rosters must be limited to players from the team’s Home State plus any adjoining States (Exceptions: In all skill levels in the 70+, 75+, 80+ and 85+ Divisions there are just two regions, east and west of the Mississippi River). The “Home State” is defined as the state where the majority of the players on the roster permanently reside (property ownership is not a criteria).  The roster may include three (3) players that had played one (1) skill level higher at the same age. Senior teams may use up to three pick-up players for ISSA tournaments provided the added players come from a team in the same skill level/age division and are otherwise eligible for the roster.  Any other roster requests must be presented to the ISSA Office for a written decision.  International players may participate on a team from the United States under most circumstances with a special exception request.

Any exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing from the ISSA in advance of any competition.  It is the goal of ISSA to provide a safe, competitive environment where the maximum number of senior softball players can compete and enjoy the comraderie with players and friends they have come to know over many years in the sport.  We also seek to locate our events at exciting destinations to further enhance the ISSA Senior Softball experience. 

The process of rating teams is an on-going task for the ISSA Staff.  We are on-site at each event conducted by the ISSA so our evaluations are taking place at each event.  Based on those observations and game results, roster info and other pertinent information some teams may be moved at any time by Staff to a division where a team would in our sole opinion be the best competitive fit.  Team Managers may appeal their ISSA Rating at any time.  Teams desiring to appeal their rating can do so after playing in three or more ISSA tournaments during the current year.  Teams are not automatically moved up in ISSA for winning a single tournament. Teams wishing to appeal their rating should submit the following APPEAL FORM.   

ISSA Senior Softball Team Rating Appeal

Click here to download the Team Rating Appeal Form (35KB PDF) 

Senior teams appealing their ISSA Senior Softball Team Rating must have played with their current year’s roster in a minimum of three (3) ISSA Senior Tournaments.

Teams should submit the following information with this Appeal Application:

1. Submit a complete record/tabulation of the results of the team’s participation in their last three (or more) ISSA Senior Tournaments.

2. Submit a copy of your prior year’s roster and the current roster.

3. Mail this Application with Attachments to:  ISSA, 9114 I-Beam Lane, Manassas, VA 20110


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