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2024 ISSA/WBSC Senior World Tournament of Champions Factsheet

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2024 ISSA/WBSC World Tournament of Champions
January 30 - February 4, 2024
Tampa Bay Region , Florida

Teams qualify to participate in this event. Berths were awarded from each ISSA tournament in 2023 (see tournament brackets). Additionally the National Champions (and other major tournament champions) from all major softball associations are invited. WBSC member countries are invited to send their champions as well. (The 1st and 2nd Place teams at each 2023 ISSA tournament received berths, fill-ins will be accepted to increase geographic representation and create desirable divisions for the highest quality playing experience at the WTOC.)


| Entry Form 65-85 Teams | Entry Form 40-60 Teams | Registered Teams - Women's | Registered Teams - Men's | | Addresses of Venues and Hotels | Pool Play & Championship Brackets | Hotel Form



13th Annual ISSA/WBSC World Tournament of Champions     (www.seniorsoftball.org)


January 30 - February 4, 2024 (Tuesday - Sunday)  The 65, 70, 75, 80 & 85 Mens & Womens Divisons will play Tuesday - Thursday, All other Divisions will play Friday - Sunday


Larson Softball Complex, William Owen Pass Softball Complex, New Tampa Community Park, Grecco Softball Complex, Radice Sports Complex and Woodlawn Park (see Addresses of Venues Page for which Divisions are at which Complex when assigned).                           


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It is estimated that over 190 teams from around the World will be attending to compete for the ISSA/WBSC World Tournament of Champions in their division this year.

Ticket Prices:

Admission to all venues is FREE.



No charge for parking, adequate parking is available at the parks.

Managers Meeting:


Player Check-in




Tournament Seeding






First Game



Tournament Director



Payment Deadline





Rosters Due




Divisions of Play










The manager's check-in will be held at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Monday, January 29th for the 65, 70, 75, 80 & 85 Mens and Womens Divisions and 6:00 pm 7:00 pm on Thursday, February 1st for all others, both meetings will be at TBD.

On preliminary game day the players will check-in at the ball park together as a team. The official Roster Waiver Form for the event must be signed by all the participating players.  Photo IDs (drivers license) must be available at the field for all games.

The tournament staff will place the teams in brackets and prepare the preliminary schedule which will be posted on the website approximately 30 days prior to the tournament.  The preliminary game record will be used to seed the teams into the double elimination finals.  The exact format will depend on the number of teams in each division.


On Tuesday, January 30th the 65, 70, 75, 80 and 85 men's and women's teams will begin play and most brackets will conclude on Thursday.  All other men's and women's divisions will begin play on Friday, February 2nd and conclude on Sunday afternoon.  The awards will be presented immediately following a team's last game.  All teams need to be prepared to start play each day at 8:00am (until schedules are prepared and made available showing scheduled game times.)


Greg Thomas, 9114 I-Beam Lane, Manassas, VA 20110 (703-368-1188 or cell 571-220-0158 or Email: [email protected])


Payment dealine to claim a berth in this tournament is December 20, 2023.  Qualified teams should submit the online entry form as soon as the team decides to play then pay the entry fee.  NOTE:  The tournament entries will close when the number of PAID entries reach the field capacity for the number of reserved fields available.  Managers should inform their players when the entry is finalized (PAID) so they can make travel arrangements.  Nearly all ISSA senior tournaments fill to capacity with paid entries and close early.


Your ISSA Roster must be submitted online for the tournament once the game schedules are posted.  Each team should bring a copy of their ISSA Roster Waiver Form for this event to the field and turn it in prior to their first game.  Players arriving late can sign the roster waiver prior to their first game provided they are on the roster when turned in to the ISSA staff. 


Teams will be placed in skill level divisions based on their ISSA Rating and verified by the tournament staff.  Divisions may be held in AA, AAA, Major and Major Gold in all age classifications.  Divisions could be combined for preliminary play but to the extent possible, teams will be given the opportunity to play for their rated division championship against similar rated teams.  Competition may be included for men's and women's masters teams as well. 


The entry fee for all Men's and Women's teams is $600.00.  


T-shirts and other apparel will be for sale at each venue.  Other merchandise and equipment may also be available at the tournament.



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